The history of the Hotel Central 1920 dates back to the 19th century, when the gamekeeper’s lodge stood on the place of the current hotel, specifically around 1833. After the demolition of the gamekeeper’s lodge, the Sněžka Hotel was built there.

The hotel experienced its greatest glory around 1920. Six years later, the hotel was destroyed by a great fire.

Afterwards, a major reconstruction began and in the 1930s it was opened as a Hotel Central. Specifically, the hotel has been named this way since 1935.

Another historical milestone of the Hotel Central is the upcoming end of World War II, when a guerrilla unit had headquarters there.

During the communist era, the building was renamed – the new name was a recreation house “Pětiletka” (the Five-Year Plan)

After 1989, the hotel was given the name Central again. However, the hotel gradually became a dormitory, which was undignified due to its rich and famous history.

Now, after almost 100 years, we are trying to build on the hotel’s glory of the 1920s and on 13th December 2019 it officially open as a Hotel Central 1920.